Extra Virgin Olive Oil

PRODUCTION AREA: Arezzo hills;

CULTURAL VARIETIES: Frantoio 60%, Leccino 25%, Moraiolo 10%, Pendolino 5%;

ALTITUDE: 380 a.s.l;

HARVEST: manual;

HARVEST PERIOD: October, November;

MILLING: Hammer milling - Centrifuge

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Acidity (% weight oleic acid) 0.16; Peroxides 4.30; K232 1.65; K270 0.06; Oleic acid % m/m 77.56; Tocopherols (mg/kg) 173.00; Polyphenols (mg/kg in Gallic acid) 451.00

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We grow some 6000 olive trees of different native Tuscan varieties:

Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, guaranteeing a product that is a full part of Tuscan tradition.


Our olive groves are grown in particularly fertile, suitable soil. Once the olives have reached optimum ripeness, we harvest them by hand, as is traditional, so as to select the best fruits and in order not to harm the trees. The olives are then stored in small crates that allow them to air. This takes place for a maximum of 24 hours and then the olives are immediately taken to the mill. Olive milling is a very delicate step. We guarantee a “continuous cycle” process that in turn guarantees hygiene, a lack of defects and above all, it stops the oil from oxidising.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its pungent flavour and higher polyphenol content, which means a higher level of natural antioxidants that make it easier to preserve.